The Misribai Gulabchand Toshniwal Eye Bank Trust & Research Foundation

  • Started a Charitable Trust by the name “Smt. Misribai Gulabchand Toshniwal Eye Bank Trust and Research Foundation“ in the year 1988
  • No of Eye Balls Collected :- 762 Eye Balls up to 2006.
  • 514 Keratoplasties done with good results upto 2006.
  • Eye Ball collection Center:

    Started Eye- Ball collection centres at Kurduwadi, Pandharpur and Latur with the help of local Eye Surgeons. These centres are affiliated to our Eye Bank.  Through these Eye Bank following activities are done to promote the people for donation of Eyes .

    • Poster Exhibition on Eye Donation for the public.
    • Lectures at the site of Eye Camps.
    • Lectures in various schools and other service organisations.
    • Slides at Cinema Theatre
    • Lectures and interviews on All India Radio regarding the Eye Donations.
    • Paper Publicity-regularly.

  • Conducting Campaign as per instruction of Govt. of Maharashtra during 25th Aug. to 8th of Sept. every year.